The Top 4 Fall Related Things You Should Never Do in the Work Place

In the spirit of the season, we have compiled a short list of things we aren’t that interested in seeing happen in our workplace. Well, let me rephrase that. In the spirit of the season, we have compiled a short list of things that would be absolutely hilarious to see happen in our workplace, but we recognize are not appropriate and must be advised against.

4. Pumpkins, gourds, and other carve-able edible things.

Done right: You just sit that cute little pumpkin you bought at the grocery store or out at those random sketchy “pumpkin patches” which are really just grassy lawns someone threw pumpkins on at the side of the road, on your desk. You embrace the fall colors. You stare at the pumpkin in all its cute, little, not much bigger than a tennis ball, glory.

Done wrong: You buy one that is big enough to carve. You carve said pumpkin. You bring said pumpkin to work. You bask in the “ooh’s” and “aah’s” that your co-workers dole out as they stare at the carefully carved Elvis Presley. You’re living your dream. You want to take it to the next level–you even brought a tea light.

THEN. The next thing you know, your desk is engulfed in flames. Along with the expense reports. And people are screaming, and you’re rocking yourself in the fetal position blaming your mother for playing “Hound Dog” so much to you as a child.

3. Leaf piles.

Done right: Casually tossing some leaves onto a beautiful stained and polished concrete floor. You’re artsy. You’re creative. #facebookpicture

Done wrong: Casually tossing wet leaves onto the newly stained concrete floor. Tossing them after you have tracked your boots through mud. Now that artsy picture looks like you just dumped a bunch of mud and dirty leaves on the floor. People on Facebook are commenting things like, “Is this really what your floors look like?”

2. Costumes.

Done right: Halloween has passed again and you have taken advantage of the crazy sales. Still feeling spirited and excited, you wear a cute Target Halloween themed shirt. You’re feeling really stylish and on top of things.

Done wrong: You decided it was time to bring out the cape. You force everyone in the office to call you, “MegaConcrete” and whenever you help them out throughout the day, you yell, “For justice! For concrete!”

1. Candy.

Done right: You contribute some lovely Halloween candy with the great packaging (that conveniently costs $3 more a bag then the EXACT same non-Halloween themed candy). It sits in its little bowl, and customers come grab a piece, and then depart feeling happy and cared for.

Done wrong: You find yourself surrounded by wrappers, hiding behind the trashcan in the back, covered in dust, and wondering why vacuum cleaners for concrete jobs should ever be that big. Your co-workers are wondering why you never returned from your trip to grab a pic of one of the diamond pads for inventory and you find yourself having eaten every piece in the bag, along with a fair amount of concrete dust.

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